Certified Faculty

Certified teachers are educators who have completed the necessary requirements and obtained a certification or license to teach in a specific jurisdiction.

Special Education

Special education refers to a system of education tailored to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities or exceptionalities.

Book & Library

Books and libraries play a vital role in education, knowledge sharing, and intellectual development.

Sport Clubs

Sport clubs are organizations or associations that bring together individuals with a common interest in a particular sport or physical activity.

What We Offer

GSMIT offer a variety of academic programs, including undergraduate and graduate degree programs, professional certificates, and diploma programs.Qualified professors and instructors who deliver lectures, lead discussions, facilitate labs, and provide guidance to students.GSMIT provide access to libraries and research facilities that offer a wide range of books, journals, and other resources to support academic research and learning.we offer various support services to help students succeed academically, personally, and professionally.

Our Courses

GSMIT offers an entire range of Diploma courses and all streams of specialization.

150 seats 1 Year

Diploma in Fire and Industrial Safety

A diploma in fire and industrial safety can lead to various career opportunities, including fire safety officer, safety supervisor, industrial safety consultant, safety auditor, or safety trainer. Graduates may find employment in industries such as manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, transportation, and government agencies responsible for safety regulations.

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150 seats 6 months or 1 Year

Diploma in Beautician Training

A diploma in beautician training, graduates can pursue various career paths in the beauty industry. They may work in salons, spas, wellness centers, beauty clinics, or even start their own businesses as freelance makeup artists or beauty consultants. Additionally, graduates may choose to specialize in specific areas makeup artistry, or hair styling, depending on their interest.

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150 seats 1 Year

Diploma in Multimedia

A diploma in multimedia, graduates can pursue various career paths in the multimedia industry. They may work as multimedia designers, graphic designers, web developers, animators, video editors, interactive media specialists, or multimedia project managers. They can find employment in advertising agencies, design studios, media production companies, e-learning companies, and other organizations that require multimedia expertise.

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180 seats(streamwise) 2/3 Years

Diploma in All Stream(Polytechnic)

A diploma in all streams, also known as a polytechnic diploma, typically refers to a technical diploma program offered by polytechnic institutes. These institutes provide education and training in various streams or disciplines, such as engineering, computer science, business management, hospitality, fashion design, and many more.

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Certified Teachers

Midde Ganesh Gowd

Fire and Safety


Multimedia VFX Specialist

Subram Teja

Soft Skills Trainer


Beautician Trainer